Q- How does Las Vegas Top 25 select its winners?

A- Las Vegas Top 25 responds to application requests from LasVegasTop25.com, as well as has a reputable research team that goes out and secret shops businesses. We nominate the TOP 25 businesses based on research and our research team determines the winners.

Q- Who determines what position a business is on the list?

A- All TOP 25 positions are equal.

Q- Can anyone be on the Las Vegas Top 25 Loyalty Card Program?

A- No, only Top 25 official winners may be within the Las Vegas Top 25 Loyalty Card Program.

Q- What does Las Vegas Top 25 do for the community?

A- Las Vegas Top 25 partners every few years with a qualified College or University and selects 25 students who meet the Las Vegas Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs Programs expectations. Las Vegas Top 25 offers each student annually through the education system college credit hours towards their degree, annual scholarship contributions, as well as a hands on experience in the field related to the students major.

Q- Can I be selected every year or be on a waiting list?

A- Currently, there is NO waiting list, however you may apply every year to be nominated through our website.

Q- How can I be a Las Vegas Top 25 for my category?

A- Simply visit LasVegasTop25.com and select the tab “BECOME A TOP 25.”  You may apply for a position within the Top 25 on our site. If you are selected and qualify a representative will reach out to you within 14 business days via email or by phone. By this time your business would have already been researched and secret shopped on various occasions.

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