Q- How does Las Vegas Top 25 select businesses?

A- Las Vegas Top 25 responds to application requests from lasvegastop25.com, as well as has a reputable research team that go out and audit businesses.

Q- Who determines what business’ position is on the list?

A- All positions are the same. The #1 position “Top Favorite” is chosen as well by Las Vegas Top 25 Board of Directors and is a Sponsored Position.

Q- Can anyone be on “TOP 25 Deals”?

A- No, only Top 25 business can be in this program.

Q- Who determines what business is considered a “#1 Top Favorite”?

A- Las Vegas Top 25 Board of Directors and Research Team decides who will be selected based on the company standards.

Q- Can I be selected every year or be on a waiting list?

A- There is NO waiting list, however you may apply every year.

Q- How can I be a Top 25 business?

A- Simply by visiting lasvegastop25.com and selecting “Become a Top 25” tab, you may apply for a position within the Top 25 on our site. If you are selected and qualify a representative will contact you within 14 business days.

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